Carpet Cleaning

 There are plenty of other reasons to have your carpet professionally cleaned.

A Cleaner Carpet = A Cleaner Home

A professional carpet cleaning can help create a comfortable, cozy look and feel for any homeowner. Residential homes and commercial facilities should have their carpets professionally cleaned and properly maintained regularly to maximize their lifespan.

Allergens Trapped in Your Carpets

Over time, allergens, including dust, dirt, debris, dust mites, pet dander and other airborne pathogens become imbedded in your home’s carpets. A regularly scheduled professional carpet cleaning can help to drastically reduce the severity of allergies present in your home. Removing these allergens is essential in reducing allergic reactions for you and your family. A professional carpet cleaning by Daisy Fresh can exponentially help reduce these effects. We suggest having your home’s carpets cleaned by our experts at least twice a year to maximize the benefits of a cleaner, healthier home. We utilize technologically advanced cleaning tools designed to give you the cleanest carpet possible.

Our Process:

Our general cleaning process involves 100% non-toxic carbonated water and a rotary scrubbing machine that does the cleaning.  We utilize cotton bonnet pads that absorb the carbonated solution along with the dirt and soiling that is lifted out through the carbonated process that takes place.  This method, also known as 'bonnet cleaning' or 'low-moisture' cleaning, is based on the original Chem-Dry method, and is world-wide tried & tested for over 40 years.  Spot treatment is done by hand, if necessary, utilizing non-toxic mineral & citrus based solvents, or spot extraction is available for the most stubborn stains.  All carpet is fully vacuumed with heavy-duty Hoover commercial vacuums.

Next time you find a stubborn stain in any fabric that is safe to wet-clean,  try some club soda water to remove the stain! You will be surprised at the results you get.  This is essentially the same process that we use to clean your fabrics.  If you're still in doubt, drop a few raisins in a glass of carbonated water.  After a minute or so the raisins rise to the surface, because the carbonated bubbles are encapsulating and emulsifying them, lifting them up from the bottom.  This is how the dirt and soiling is lifted up and out of your carpets during the cleaning process.

We also offer hot water rinse & extraction (steam cleaning) if desired, using a portable extraction unit.  However, we feel that our carbonated cleaning process can get your carpets as clean, if not cleaner, than steam or shampoo methods, and we always honor a no-cost 30-day warranty on any service.

We always pride ourselves in up-front pricing with no hidden or add-on costs once we arrive,  no travel or trip charges, and a confirmed price before any work is started.  Call us today to schedule service for any of your carpet, upholstery, or fine fabric needs.

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