Water Damage Restoration

When water damage takes place it can often be difficult to remember what to do next. First of all turn off the electricity. Even if you feel the area is safe it is better to err on the side of caution. You should wait until a professional will evaluate the situation and make a right decision. The title for professionals who remove water is called Restoration Companies.  Restoration companies, like Daisy Fresh, are experts in drying structures after water damage, evaluating and drying walls, interior walls, floors and sub-floors.

To have less water damage, try to stop the water intrusion.  If at all possible, attempt to stop more water from entering the home at the source.  If your home is water damaged because of natural causes, a professional restoration expert will be the best adviser on next steps.

Extensive water related damage could cause health related issues ranging from infections to allergic reactions. So leave the home rather than risk an injury or illness related to it. Contacting your home’s insurance carrier immediately and on an on-going basis is key to getting all the help your policy allows, not what they are “willing or wanting” to pay…what you are entitled to by your contract (policy).

Floodwater is also a source of germs and the growth of mold in areas of your home that you cannot see, those places that are dark and warm. Once you get all the water out you can prevent mold and mildew from growing by working with a professional restoration company licensed and experienced in drying your house. It is imperative that a systemized drying system be initiated within a 24 – 48 hour period.  

If you are not sure, call us and we are happy to give you advice from the specialists at Daisy Fresh.

In Summary, no matter what you do, act quickly to remove the water and prevent further damage to the building. Always require drying records and reporting from your restoration company that includes thorough, accurate, detailed records proving the most stubborn to dry places in your home are dry and call Daisy Fresh at 703-817-1717

Water Damage What TO DO Checklist – Summary

  1. Turn off electricity to affected area
  2. Stop the water
  3. Take Pictures or video with time stamp
  4. Move furniture, equipment, and valuables
  5. Call Daisy Fresh 703-817-1717
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